(Disclaimer: I will not hop on a soap box about anything I have not experienced personally.)

- Disclaimer part 1: This post is NOT meant to undermine the severity of COVID-19.

- Disclaimer part 2: I am, in no way, glad that COVID-19 is a thing, nor am I glad that we are having to deal with all of this insanity and uncertainty.

- Disclaimer part 3: I am simply taking a bad thing and pointing out the good.

- Disclaimer part 4: Yes, I am aware of how bad this is. Yes, I am aware that this is serious. I am aware. HOWEVER, the only thing I will be focusing on during this post is positivity.

COVID-19 has taken all three of my jobs, face-to-face class time, and many other things from not only me but many other people.

We can talk about how COVID-19 has ruined everything and how nobody has a job right now. But you know what I want to talk about?

Quality time. That's right, I went there. Family time. Yep, you read that right.

Kids at home, with no where to go. Parents at home, with no where to go. Wait a minute, 1+1=2. Kids and parents BOTH at home with nothing to do? What does that equal?? QUALITY FAMILY BONDING TIME. Let me ask you this. When this is all said and done, what are your kids going to say about it? "My parents made me do homework all day every single day." "I couldn't wait for this to end." "I didn't have any fun or do anything cool." HOLD UP WHAT. You mean to tell me you get to spend all day with your kids and you don't want to make the most of it? Surely not.

Now, I do not have any children, I do not know what it is like to go from working every day and to being with your kids every day. But let's break this down logically.

Growing up, both of my parents worked full-time. I spent more time at school and daycare than I did with my parents. I spent 7 hours at school and roughly 2 hours at daycare after school. I went to bed around 9:00 pm and woke up about 6:00 am. So I spent around 5 hours a day with my parents during the week. I could not WAIT until the weekend so I could be with my parents the whole day. My parents ALWAYS made the most of the weekends because that's when we had the most quality time. Speaking from my own childhood, I would have LOVED being stuck with my parents all day every day. Now, I will admit, teen years, I would have loved to be anywhere BUT with my parents. Typical I think.

I can confidently say that if this had happened when I was younger, I would have been able to come out of it saying "I had so much fun", "I got to play with my mom and dad every single day", "I got to learn how to cook and clean and make things", "I got to learn about God and how powerful he is". And you know what? Teenage Perry, would've absolutely hated it. (Besides being able to stay up late and sleep in.) But you know what 22 year old Perry would be able to say? "I learned so much from my parents when I was stuck at home with them", "I got some of the best advice during that time", "I learned more about life than I ever will in school".

Don't make this time miserable for your kids, you're only making it miserable for yourself too. Take this time to get close with your kids. Yes, homeschooling is awful. I am having to be my own teacher right now and let me just say finance and quantitative business analysis are NOT what I would like to be teaching right now. Make it fun, make memories that they will remember forever, make the most of all this time that you have, teach them things that they won't learn at school, show them things that you like to do, GET CLOSE WITH THEM. MAKE THE MOST OF THIS TIME. Teach your kids how to pray for each other, teach them how important essential workers are and how thankful we should all be for people like that. TEACH. Teach skills, talents, hobbies, crafts. Teach them how to follow God, I promise you they won't get that in school. Teach them things BESIDES how to multiply and make a baking soda volcano.

If you don't have kids, take this time to get good at something. Find a new hobby, Lord knows you wouldn't be able to if you were still working full-time right now. Learn new things, go outside. Spend time with yourself. Yes, I said that. Take time to actually get to know yourself and things that you need on a daily basis that you would never even think about if you were busy. Self-care is important and what better time to do so? I mean really, what else do you have to do? Get close with God, with family, with yourself.

This post was not as deep as my usual, but let's make the most of this. We can get through this together. God is good and He will get us through all of this, but in the meantime let's make memories that will last a lifetime. Let's take this free time that we are getting and do something with it.


You are worth so much,

God loves you.


©2020 by Perry Hyatt.